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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  December 2, 2013 3:30am-4:11am EST

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to aing everyone back republican party in the white house. >> i'm jaded and biased. he is my friend. i know him. i love him. he speaks beautiful spanish. i think the best candidate in the field is jeb bush. i think -- a sickly this election cycle, i am like a plus size men's store. i'd either go in big or tall. if the tall guy does not take me to the prom, i am going with the big guy. jed is bicultural. he is not just bilingual, he is by cultural -- bicultural. we would consider him hate hispanic. give the game changer when it comes to the has anecdote. -- hispanic vote. been added his entire
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life. he is not pandering. this is what he has been working on his entire time. voiceld bring a temporary to the debate. he is thoughtful. temperate voice to the debate. he is thoughtful. he has a broad international portfolio than what i think chris christie does. i do not know what his is. if hillary clinton were a candidate, that is going to matter. is goinghink hillary to be the candidate, but i seem to be in the minority. i think jeb bush would be be best candidate to change it. the question is, looking at that picture of george w. bush, people say they do not want another bush. their summary people who told me that. they think it is terrifically
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piers morgan asked no clinton, who would make a better president? your wife or your daughter? ok, so. -- the the bush name bush brand is rehabilitating, has rehabilitated, and will continue to rehabilitate. if george w doesn't get involved in politics, he will not be dragged into any political controversial issue. anytime you hear or see the guy he is helping out a child with malaria in africa. bush's health becomes more frail, people will remember what a good guy he was. he was the youngest navy pilot of his generation. he was a member of the greatest generation. there are going to be issues with it. there will certainly be issues.
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people ask, should we have three of the same family in the white house? think that the apparent contrast between jeb and his brother and his father to a lesser extent was actually benefited jeb bush. a lot of people do not know jeb bush. when you hear jeb bush, his level of thoughtfulness, the intellect, substance. people tend to be quite impressed. i was with him last night at the y. i think he won over the elderly, jewish, it republican vote of the upper east side of manhattan. i think there is a path. i see a path for a jeb or a chris christie. a governor is a much better candidate than a senator or
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somebody else. i am a pulp). -- i am a paul ryan fan. but the stench of dysfunction that emanates from washington right now, it is hard to disguise and shake off. chris christie's record and jeb's record would stand up for scrutiny from republican conservatives. i may not agree follow that, but it is hard to argue that jeb bush did not govern as a conservative in his eight years in florida. he did not raise taxes once. i think he would be a terrific candidate. i think he seriously is thinking about it. he is intrigued by it. he is a very disciplined guy. i do not think he is going to
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seriously think about it and make a decision until next year. next summer. maybe a little bit later than that. around that summer. boys --love to see his voice and the baby part of it. i think you bring so much to the table. he will not be afraid to say what he feels he needs to say. jeb bush has been out of power , what?ce -- i try to forget the following years and the rick scott years. jeb has been out of power for six years, and no, seven years. and he is still relevant. in the political debate. i would like to see him give it a shot. i'm going bigger tall.
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-- big or tall. [laughter] thank you very much. [applause] [applause]
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